Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miyake cardigan conversion

I have finally completed my Miyake knit. I bought a kit for the Miyake waistcoat by Design Club DK, but decided to use a different, much thicker yarn. I duly converted it to the different tension gauge and increased the size a little, but when I had finished I found my body was toasty warm and my arms freezing cold. I had plenty of yarn left over, so I made sleeves for it.

Having sewn in the sleeves, I found the weight of them stretched open the grooves on the body of the garment, making the shoulders fall off, so I removed a large chunk of the back, and regrafted the garment back together - luckily this was possible because it is sideways knit. I'm very pleased with the result, however now my body and arms are toasty warm, but my lower half is freezing, so I'll need a warm skirt or trousers to go with it!

The fastening in the pictures is a circular bracelet used with a hair 'stick'. I looked and looked for shawl pins at Knitting and Stitching this year but found just one, so this is my improvised solution.