Thursday, April 08, 2010

Productive Easter weekend part 2

Linen trousers using the Sewing Workshop Plaza Pants pattern. I had cut these and the skirt out before the Easter
weekend but did not have time to sew them.

This skirt was made with the leftover piece of fabric from the trousers. I folded it into 4 and cut diagonally across. Then I joined the two 'skinny' triangles so I had 4 equilateral triangles. I worked out where the combined width measured the same as my waist, and cut away the points from the top. I then added the top triangles to the bottom of the truncated ones as godets, and joined the resulting panels into a skirt, using a concealed zip. With a half lining and a waistband I have a skirt and very little waste fabric.

A sleeveless top from a Burda WoF magazine

2 more tops using the Tessuti Favorite Top pattern I have used before. The animal print fabric was left over from a project from about 10 years ago. I knew there was enough for a top but one end of the fabric was not straight, so until I tried this pattern it kept coming up too short.

This fabric is so nice (bobbin embroidered with a wild yarn) I didn't want to cut away any more than I had to. The Tessuti Favorite Top is very economical. I have decided I like the back neckline for both front and back.

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