Thursday, January 22, 2015

A me-made outfit - faux sheepskin waistcoat etc.

Rescued post - originally posted 30 October 2014

Those days when I don't achieve much are rather boring so maybe a weekly roundup would be better.
On another note I have decided to include some of the things I have made in the hiatus.
This picture shows me wearing a frankentee made from a plain and a striped blue teeshirt, a pair of elastic waist corduroy trousers, and a faux sheepskin waistcoat.
The waistcoat uses the Sewing Workshop E-shrug pattern. I needed to increase the size of the pattern to fit me, and since I was using left-over fabric, I divided the pattern to give it side seams and a back yoke.
I used a horn button on the 'skin' side, and a wooden one on the pile side. The loops are strips of the fabric folded pile side in and top stitched. I trimmed the pile shorter to get it to lie flatter.
The seams are sewn with the 'skin' sides together, then folded back, top stitched open, and trimmed close to the stitching. I found this looked better than having the pile exposed in the seams, as the backing showed. The hems are simply turned and topstitched to match the seams. I trimmed the pile on the corners to make them less bulky.

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