Monday, January 26, 2015

This week in crafting

Recovered post, originally posted 2 November 2014
Here is the rest of the week's daily crafting.

Wednesday 29th
I received some fabric from Croft Mill, and pre-washed it all.
From top to bottom:
Brown cotton corduroy, because I need more brown trousers.
Black jersey to make teeshirts for DH.
Black cotton 'linen look', also for trousers, this may wait for spring.
An exceedingly ugly ponte roma print, very cheap, to use for toiles probably, though it may be rescued by overpainting.
Thursday 30th
I made another square for my Teal Crayons jacket.
Friday 31st
I returned to the striped Noro waistcoat I started quite a while ago. The stripes had become undefined as the two balls of yarn I was using had begun to have the same colour order, so I ripped out a few rows and broke one of the strands, reversing the end I was knitting from. I then started knitting again and got back to the length I had previously reached. I need to do another 5 or 6 inches before making the 2nd armhole.

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