Friday, January 16, 2015

Yesterday's achievements

Recovered post - originally posted 29 October 2014

Additional squares for teal crayon box jacket
I decided that this jacket was too short, and that is why I have hardly worn it in the nearly 2 years since it was finished. Since I have lots of leftover yarn, I have decided to make another row of squares. I looked back at my original plans, and decided which 'outer' colours to use for each square.
Yesterday at knit night in the Global Cafe, I made the first 2 of 12, and relearned how to make them. I used a .5mm larger needle than I used for the rest of the jacket to allow for my hip size.
Here they are against the jacket where they will go on completion.
I also received some new patterns. I admit I'm a pattern addict, so they won't necessarily get used, and even if I do use them it may be some time.

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