Monday, March 23, 2015

Another two aprons

I splash a lot when I wash up and when cooking, and a cloth apron just doesn't give enough protection. I need a waterproof one to stop me getting a damp tummy.

After my previous attempt at a waterproof apron, I decided that the Tamari Apron pattern that I used was not suitable for this kind of fabric. I decided instead to copy the RTW apron I have had for a few years now which is starting to let water through. I like the full coverage the design provides.

I bought 1.5m butterfly print waterproof table covering fabric from The Range, and managed to cut two aprons from it. The aprons have a continuous tape around the neck, through casings along the angled sides, and tying at the waist. I added hanging loops to the tops of the aprons, as this design means they cannot be hung up by the neck tape.

This time I had more success sewing the coated fabric; possibly it was a little thinner thatn the spotted fabric I bought from Fabricland. I set the needle tension to maximum to prevent loops forming, and I used a teflon foot on the machine to allow the fabric to slide through more easily.

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