Thursday, March 12, 2015

My week in crafting 1st - 7th November

Recovered post - originally posted 9 November 2014

Saturday there was a family gathering, and I cast on some fingerless mitts using the Wendy Fusion yarn left over from making this hat earlier in the year.
I decided to knit them as one piece, as the colours only appeared once in the remaining yarn, and knitting separately would have resulted in two completely different mitts.
Sunday 2nd November I continued with the mitts.
And I watched the Craftsy class I reviewed on Wednesday.
On Monday 3rd I finished the mitts.

I decided that a sweater I had finished in 2011 was too long, which was why I had not worn it more than once or twice since then.

I took it to knit night on Tuesday and started by undoing the bottom of the side seams, and snipped a stitch just shorter than the target length so I could separate the unwanted part and pick up stitches across the bottom. I couldn't ripped up from the bottom as I knit the garment bottom up. Having completed the separation for the front, I undid the knitting for the section I removed.
Wednesday saw me doing the same to the back.
Thursday, I knit down on the front to match the length of the back as I hadn't managed to get them quite even when performing the surgery. I rejoined the side seams, then joined the whole bottom in the round.
Friday I continued knitting in the round in moss stitch to form a new bottom band. I didn't manage to cast off but that was all that remained to be done.
Sorry, no photos of the last two days work, but I will show the finished garment next week.

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