Monday, March 23, 2015

New Apron

Recovered post, originally posted 16 December 2014

I've been stealth sewing recently, so nothing to post pictures of. I also have been wearing me-made outfits on Mondays (as well as other days), but they are too boring to have posted pictures of.

But on Sunday I decided to make something for me for a change, and I pulled out the Sewing Workshop Tamari Apron pattern and some plastic coated table covering fabric. I bought a light blue with white spots, as the other fabrics available in my local store would have been fine for covering tables at a childrens' party, but not for an adult woman to wear.

The result is  wearable, however I think the stiffness of the fabric is not ideal. I also think for my height I could make the pattern a little shorter.

Sewing the plastic coated fabric was a bit tough. It can't be pressed and I didn't want to pin extensively, so the hems were difficult to stitch. There was also some difficulty in feeding the fabric because it was a bit sticky, and the tension was a bit variable. Maybe I should have cut the fabric a little smaller and made single-fold hems, or even raw edges as the fabric does not fray. I used twill tape for the ties, which works well. 

I prefer waterproof aprons because I am a bit of a splasher when washing up, but I think if I make this pattern again I will go for a different type of fabric that will drape better.

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