Monday, June 12, 2017

A red rose blooming in Reading

Yesterday I walked around some of the open studios on the Whiteknights Studio Trail, and between two locations spotted this magnificent bloom. Given the recent election result in Reading, I thought a single red bloom in contrast to its surroundings an apposite image.

I took some other pictures that were not relevant to the situation, a couple of which I'd like to share

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Meet Nelson, the fox I knitted from an Intrepid Fox kit from Ella Austin (the designer) and Skein Queen (the yarn dyer). The kit is available from Ella's Etsy store:

I took a very long time to make this, as I had several other projects on my needles, and I am not really a fan of knitting Fair Isle on such a small scale.

He is named after Nelson, the fox in the adult puppet series broadcast on BBC in 2010/11. We have an urban fox in our garden that we call Vince, Nelson's rather more gritty brother in the series, but I do not feel Vince would wear a Fair Isle vest.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Recently completed projects

I have completed some projects recently.

First, I knitted an oversized sweater in Noro Silk Mountain yarn. I measured some oversized sweaters I bought from the Sarah Duncan store in Bath (sadly no longer there). Based on the tension I obtained switching with this yarn, I used Garment Designer to plan and calculate the stitch and row counts I would need to make a garment in the same size and shape.

Next, I strung some Picture Jasper beads that I had purchased on sale from Hobbycraft, with some spacer beads I had in my stash.

Finally, I made the Pfeilraupe scarf that is very popular at the moment, using some Rowan Alpaca Colour yarn (discontinued and bought on clearance).
There are so many ways to wear this scarf, if you want to see more, take a look at my Ravelry project page, where you can follow to the designers information and the pattern itself.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Weekend in Somerset

Last weekend we visited some friends in Somerset. I took my two new 'Frankenstein' tops to wear, the grey t-shirt:

and the red tunic:

The t-shirt is based on Marilla Walker's Sailors Top, enlarged to my size and made A-line instead of straight, and the tunic is based on the Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee, again enlarged to my size, made A-line, and with the sleeves lengthened.

I'm enjoying getting back into making these 'upcycled' tops.

Wheilw we were visiting our friends, we went on an outing to Lyme Regis. The improvements to the sea front are fantastic, though my photographs are of somewhat more established features.