Monday, June 12, 2017

A red rose blooming in Reading

Yesterday I walked around some of the open studios on the Whiteknights Studio Trail, and between two locations spotted this magnificent bloom. Given the recent election result in Reading, I thought a single red bloom in contrast to its surroundings an apposite image.

I took some other pictures that were not relevant to the situation, a couple of which I'd like to share

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Meet Nelson, the fox I knitted from an Intrepid Fox kit from Ella Austin (the designer) and Skein Queen (the yarn dyer). The kit is available from Ella's Etsy store:

I took a very long time to make this, as I had several other projects on my needles, and I am not really a fan of knitting Fair Isle on such a small scale.

He is named after Nelson, the fox in the adult puppet series broadcast on BBC in 2010/11. We have an urban fox in our garden that we call Vince, Nelson's rather more gritty brother in the series, but I do not feel Vince would wear a Fair Isle vest.